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The AP Universe

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After Kronax collpased Bridgeway the Twenty-four Worlds have been separated both in space and time. A new device was needed to to traverse the span. The Alteron created Vectron at Kronax's request, but when he stepped aboard the first time he saw it to be a device so powerful that he, in his madness, could not pilot it.


As Mara's attacks on sentience become more brazen there remains little time to verse her. Considered by many to be a fate worse than death, Mara mutates the life of her target worlds. Sapping the ethereal energy from the environment, the species fall back to latent energy conservation collapsing their symbiosis to a food chain where life must feed on itself.


All the while Mara takes the stolen energy to power her own ends.

To attack her head on with force only strenghens her.

To hide away powers Mara with fear

To submit means eternal imprisonment

Until her antithesis is found, the galaxy will turn dark, and sentience will die.

Length: 4.2 km

Diameter: 450 m

Weight: ~ 1 000 000 metric tons

Vectored Gravitation range: 1.33 G - 3.47 G

Ambient Temperature Range: 22°C – 54°C

Day/Night lighting cycle range: 14-38 hours

Energy channeling capacity: > 3x10^23 Watts | unknown power at max surge 343/1 power.

Common to Ethereal Universe transfer Velocity: 0.02 - 0.21 C (light speed)


A city, a ship, a multiform construct:  the most powerful Starscaler in the Universe doesn't recieve its name from whim. It demands more than a technician or navigator at the helm. The ship, as much as those who step aboard, is a sentient being with thoughts and emotional states of its own.

Disorder, chaos, cultural mash-up, violence, understanding, and ones terrifying true self is what one will find in the many halls of its 49 heptagonal segments. This esoteric vessel is of such power that the very technicians and smiths who forged it know not of its limit.


The operatives and conductor on the bridge oversee the technical operation and life support, while the many inhabitants react to, and influence where the ship goes. Not by thought do they, but by spirit force. Because of its reality tearing power, Vectron has no direction or purpose that serves the ego or whim of a single mind; it flows with the collective consciousness of all species combined.

Alteron, in their emotional instability, came to fear the terrible power they could wield through the Starscaler after activating the ships core-drive destabilised a vast region of their world. They chose individuals from their cosmic brethren of Ackrecon to power their civilizations crowning achievement.




Creation Arena Final c.jpg



Diameter: 12 509 km

Period of Rotation: 37 hours/3 satelites

Orbital Period: 4.3 Earth Years

Gravitation: 2.37 G


The Ackrecon home world is a hostile environment seeing daily temperatures soar to 60°C at some parts of the equator. A snap shot of this planet over a few hundred earth years would see the surface undergo great change due to tidal friction caused by its erratic orbit.


Species of radiotropic atmospheric algae balance the high radiation on this world converting it to energy. This rich atmosphere is integral to those such as the sentient species of Ackrecon, whose physicality, metabolism and ethereal abilities demands vast energy.

The Ackrecon have an enigmatic past that few know or understand, Seeded by the Axion Ethereal Chrysanth they are an extension of him. Calm, powerful, and highly sensitive the people of this world invented and advanced Cabal-arcan technology, which can assimilate all forms of wizardry and elemental forces including the fabric of reality.

Diameter: 10 247 km

Period of Rotation: 34 hours/2 satelites

Orbital Period: 3.7 Earth Years

Gravitation: 2.91 G


This home to Alteron was once a docile Earthlike planet, until the dual star system in which it tracks changed temperament.


Over the millennia the planet edged in closer its host stars by the destruction and creation of neighbouring planets. Resurfacing over as little as 200 Earth years, by the severe tidal pull of its Type-1A star this world by logic should not support life, In erratic periods the dwarf star blows out a nova explosion that only the power of the Axion Ethereal Chrysanth himself can stop from stripping the planets atmosphere bare. As such the only time for Alteron to commune with their creator is during the Great Flashover.

The moving cities of Alteron, built of sliding and intelocking metallic fibrous panels in changing form, are the fastest of all such city types. Able to evade all geological events upon the world is a mark of civilisation on Ameisus. Alteron possess the highest raw ethereal power. Brash, quick to emotional instability, and irrational, the Alteron's version of Cabal-arcan technology is potent and easily destructive. Their most powerful implement is the Starscaler Vectron.

Upon the last Flashover the Alteron overthrew and older vesion of their race in a bloody genocide that left them to to burn in the stars fire. An act that each individual tries in vain to forget.




Diameter: 8 884 km

Period of Rotation: 10 hours

Orbital Period about Gas Giant: 3.2 Earth Days/one of 8 satelites

Ester Gas Giant Orbital Period: 1.3 Earth Years

Gravitation: 1.55 G


A host of environments from jagged mountains to dense static forests and everything in between gives this world a diversity of life almost on par with the likes of Earth.


Seeded by the Axion Ethereal Ix, the race of Ester live less in the moment and more upon layered timelines. While their bodies are physically locked their minds can re-experience the past and live possible futures. As such Ester write their entire knoweledge into the walls of their static cities carved beneath great mountains to tell of the many lives each one lives. Posessing a telepathic ability they can live with others they've never met in the physical, to an Ester time is not linear.

The people of Ester appear to lack self preservation in the face of cataclysm. To them their transmittable memories to the minds of others is their means to live on.

Diameter: 12 756 km

Period of Rotation: 24 hours/1 satelite

Orbital Period: 1 year (0.233 Ackrecon Cycles)

Gravitation: 1 G (9.81 m/s•m/s )

This often times cold world can plunge to -80°C at the poles as one of only a few planets with extensive ice coverage, seeded with life. Concurrently temperatures can soar past 45°C at it's equator. This spectrum of temperature makes for an almost unrivaled diversity of life and landscapes.


The environmental volatility that is on other worlds, it expresses here rather in the organisms that have evolved to destroy one another in an equilibrium of energy conservation. The coldness of the planet and the lack of ethereal energy has collapsed the life of this world into food chains.


The human race, subject to this equilibrium share in the cruelty of their life force. Their destructive technology, betrayal in the name of survival and all consuming civilizations is a warped mirror to the crucible of natural selection forged them. Seeded by the Axion Ethereal Mara humanity stands halfway out of the dark. Their emotions and intelligence, generally purposed to survival, can be of simultaneous compassion and malevolence both in a moment and over an entire lifespan and rarely extends past their waking eyes.


The population of humanity is beyond the count of any race discovered before. The cutthroat natural order and by this extension their civilization has favoured the ruthless, emotionally hindered and uncompassionate to lead some 10.2 billion inhabitants by the second half of its so called 21st century. The oppressive leader follower construct has endured some  ten-thousand years, using division, war, and trade to enslave.




Diameter: 13 209 km

Period of Rotation: 31 hours/2 satelites (1 artificial)

Orbital Period: 1.3 Earth Years

Gravitation: 1.32 G

The three bloodraces of Scyrith live on a world under change. This hot world has had its orbit altered to lessen the cold winters that once plagued these people. Much like Earth, the world of Scyrith is seeded by the Axion Ethereal Mara.

This world has in recent times become vastly of dessert due to the pact made between its overlord and the reluctant Alteron in a time past to alter  Scyrith. And, like Earth the civilization here is susceptible to letting singular egos destroy and disrupt the equilibrium of their life and world. The blood races, Azeln, Azalt, and Azaxl are of arrogant, rebellious and alturistic temperamernt respectively. Their central point of civilization is Zighth, the city of ten thousand streets. With latent telepathic abilities and an extraordinary ability to replicate the technology of outlanders the leaders of this world have a harder time oppressing the mass.

In a bid to overcome the darkness that erased their previous civilization the Azeln in particular wish to reform this world in such a way as to take command over Mara. Scyrith is the third most populated world with near on 400 million inhabitants.

Alpha Parallax

One seven Seven

Diameter: 12 007 km

Period of Rotation: 36 hours/3 satelites

Orbital Period: 1.2 Earth Years

Gravitation: 1.83 G (mean value)

Energy Generation Capacity: ~10 ^16 - 10^17  Watts


147 sentient variations, 20 million floors, 12 000 km from sky to sky, one place of unified consciousness


One of the single greatest feats of engineering this world’s scale and epic presentation is the embodiment of interracial collaboration. Multi level continents and a hollow interior filled with further gravity vectored landscapes about a central rotating core provide an array of places for its diverse inhabitants.


This is no mechanical and metallic affair; lush flora of all species modified for co-existence makes it organic, technologically sublime and of a warm environment. Constructed in as little as 190 Earth years the force of technology needed to forge this world goes beyond the simple need of energy and delves into the manipulation of reality itself.


AP lies as a statement against the great distances that separate the stars. Time slipped to a location and time coordinate that few know this world is ever under threat of the dark Axion such as Mara.

Main gantry circumference: 75 000 km

Orbital Period: 1.2 Earth Days/7 planets in solar system

Augmented Gravitation: 2.24 G

Ambient Temperature at Habitation level: 25°C – 47°C

Energy channelling capacity: ~1.2x10^23 Watts absorbed power |~1x10^27 Watts in vortex state. ( gantry converts 1/100 of star total output in both states) 


This hyper-engineered structure challenges all assumptions of technological development. Built about a star with a finely controlled singularity, to reduce its diameter without consuming it, this is the mastery of physical law in design.

In keeping with their central philosophy of ‘all forces and energies in balance’ the Anron people are elemental wielders and their abilities combine with technology alien to their home to gift all consciousness with a central power and mass condensation hub. By providing material and energy to other worlds they can preserve the fragile environments of all life. For such is their belief in theirs the Axion Ethereal Gaitha who is told to be loving of all creatures no matter their origin.


Long sprawling gantries of carbon, metal, and fibre form rock extend for tens of thousands of kilometers about the vortex star. Water and air join to provide liveable horizons in the Anron expression of the classical elements ever in the tussle with the passion of fire.

Due to the sheer gravitational field the Anron technicians see civilizations time lines pass by and must use Vectron when they need to return to their world and time. Energy and matter are condesed into packet orbs that float far out of the gravitational curve so that ships can come by and retrieve them without being pulled through time.

Anron ‘Partial Dyson’ or Energy Array

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