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After Kronax collpased Bridgeway the Twenty-four Worlds have been separated both in space and time. A new device was needed to to traverse the span. The Alteron created Vectron at Kronax's request, but when he finally stepped aboard he could not reign it's power. Such was the power of Vectron that he and his kin could not wield it without certain obliteration to everything they touched.


As Mara's attacks on sentience become more brazen there remains little time to verse her. Considered by many to be a fate worse than death, Mara mutates the life of her target worlds. Sapping the ethereal energy from the environment, the species fall back to latent energy conservation collapsing their symbiosis to a food chain where life must feed on itself.


All the while Mara takes the stolen energy to power her own ends.

To attack her head on with force only strenghens her.

To hide away powers Mara with fear

To submit means eternal imprisonment

Until her antithesis is found and made conductor, the galaxy will turn dark, and sentience will die.

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Excerpt of the week:

The Alliance between the Gamixh and Elrax was one of opposites in meeting. Elrax, a race of warriors, wielding crystal swords and mastering vibrational energies - that of particle waves in light as well as a range of matter - but their technology, (Arcanity in their words), had done little to alter their warrior ways. Their home world was ever a place of vicious beasts, invaded long ago by a life-force of undoing. Murza, said to be a derivative of Mara was kept in check, as well as the leaders the sickness promoted into existence, as the Elrax hunted the alien beasts keeping their environment from collapse.
Gamixh, powerful of mind yet lacking in a higher echelon of spirituality had developed a variety of technology, perhaps as a result. From fusion of atoms, the vectoring of gravity and on to the assimilation of other races means, their ingenuity was unmatched even at the forming of Bridgeway to come. Even Ackrecon were taken aback upon seeing their hyper-structures in space.
The engineering of the Gamixh had come at a cost, ever greater builds and orders of technological power had put their home in a state of imminent collapse.
Their landing on Elrax was a part of their explorations celebrating hyper-light travel as their deliverance from extinction. The psychic ability fo the Elrax was, like that of their Alcax cousins, an impressive tool that the Gamixh could use in speeding up the educating of coming generations, and adapting them through the tough ways of Elrax and order of their own kind for an interstellar life. The Elrax agreed to become the custodians of Gamixh knowledge and experience, becoming the teachers beside the vast holographic storage systems that the race had built.
This sudden turn to the academic again, did little to change the Elrax’s warrior ways and as such they came to influence the development of the Gamixh, teaching fortitude, educating discipline and instilling sentient wisdom to both their own kind and their new cosmic visitors.
The chief test and resulting need of the Elrax to their role came upon the final collapse of Gamixh GX Prime. The natural beauty almost ravaged to obliteration, and the destabilised planetary core rendered the place a hell of fire, cosmic rays and toxic air. It would take millennia to recover, but it’s recovery at all depended on Gamixh leaving it to be, without their destructive presence.
As the great Sky Arks were created by the sheer force and wonder of Gamixh technology, the population grew ever more desperate to stay.
For Elrax the task was set to get them aboard and ensure sabotage was prevented. Their ruthless warrior instincts came with ease, their conscience comforted only by the service they had in keeping the Gamixh alive…with the cost of a few.
Outmatched for physical strength, cornered by their psychic power, most Gamixh were powerless to overthrow a battalion of Elrax warriors. Plasma rifles and munitions detonations were rendered hazardous to their users by the resonance Arcanity of Elrax. Archaic their swords may have been but it was with the particle-wave crystals within, the perfect antithesis to their deadly weapons.
To slaughter one day and give comfort another, perhaps even to the soul of the victim one killed was characteristic of the Elrax. No matter who they killed, Elrax would pass the soul fo the Gamixh to their Axion, and in so doing the Elrax helped Gamixh - through death, violence, communication, perspective and ascension all the way to life - to reacquaint with their higher state.
The last vessel to depart their home was the Sky Ark Zero-Seven, a vast double horizon, gravitation vectored city some thirty kilometres long, four diameter Starscaler. Able to transport some thirty million inhabitants in three hundred and more levels it featured environments for both the Gamixh and Elrax.
Gamixh were the earliest in their relative timeline to develop the Starscaler as am means of travel, a device that harnessed a percentage of the power from cosmic events, and thereafter used it to zero our its mass and energy projected in light so sidestep the relativistic halt on hyper light travel.
The technology of the Gamixh could provide without the need of a civilisation to collapse into trade thereby eliminating much strife and conflict. But the early Stascalers of Gamixh still took years to reach their destinations, most all of which were unsuited to their continuation without great duress.
The uniqueness of a race and its native environ was an underestimated rarity that both species learned.
Of more than forty potential worlds that the Arks visited none were extensively habitable to either of them. But, Zekth could always return to Urzatah Prime, thereby walk through the Nine Kingdoms that would stand, steeped in the culture of crystal wielders and sages of ancient spells, where the young would frolic, and the tillers of the land would harvest in the regenerated beauty, healed in part by Gamixh Arcanity.
The great builders who killed their world would have to endure more than ten ages of Xaxat’s order of dystopia before their planet, later known as GX Zero-One Prime, was habitable again. With the torment of interstellar life ungrounded on a planet seeping into their psyche, and the next worlds decades away with likely the same result, the Gamixh turned, once again, to engineering. If they could not find a world they would build one.



Why the races of the cosmos are so averse to a system of trade, along with it's progenitor: cutthtoat survival.

It is no secret that every species has it's darker side. Elrax trigger war against the infection of alien beasts ravaging their world and will enter phases of oppressive leadership to force it through each cycle. Anron partake in vicious rituals of cannibalism to ballance out the energy of Gaitha, a powerful and volatile Axion.

Alteron warred for decades, perhaps centuiries in a bloody genocide to wipe out the race of Eron before them. (Eron almost collpased Ameisus though a very Earth like system of trade.)

Alcax lean toward bouts of rage in their planets dark cycle to counteract the influnce of diminished energy. Gamixh, in their invention and technology crippled their home world developing it.

Aerethron in their floarting cities above and within the vast storms of their giant gas world, will eat at their fresh offspring when the conditions for life are affected by updraughts of excess hydrogen from the layers below.

Scyrith in their three blood races have jostled for dominance on a world brought to turbulence by another leadership construct. Hoth have taken Mara's design to heart, forging societies in deliberate oppression, suffering and trial to pass their souls to a higher plane, to the slimmest hope.

So why is humanity such a threat? For humans lie halfway out of the dark, lying to themselves more than any other species. Convincing themselves that their civilization is the only way forth. To trade in resources means to be unable to reign in the provisions of one's home world, For to trade is to seed corruption, exacerbate unfairness, skew personal purpose, consume without conscience,

To reinact animalistic survival without sentient state.

The process of repetition for the sake of escaping oblivion unto the destruction of one's habitat, past instinct, past clarith, past logic.

Kronax would see Earth cleaved in two, it's destruction inserted at the dawn of life on the planet. But Mara's reach is too far, and any attack on Earth only reforges humanity's future to it's inevitable singularity: where their narrow technology and state of conscious - one with their Axion - becomes an entity of consumption that will blot out every star in the galaxy and beyond.

For this reason, he who stands at the heart of the Starscaler has the fate of the galaxy in hand. Mara, and thereby humanity's totality of existence, is outmatched by Vectron and the other races, but the way in which human civilisation is to be destroyed holds the key to humanity's, and the rest of the sentient species future.


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