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As the universe ages, life force begins to die out, devolving into lesser and lesser states. Since the advent of vectored gravitation and time slip technology, by the races of the Golden Age of life in the cosmos, the low energy of these lesser life forces begins to threaten even their once untouchable civilizations.

One such degraded life force is that of Midgard (Earth) in which the viscious species inferred a most ruinous state of society to be created by the Midgardians (Humans) birthed to its crucible of bloodshed. The net result or Axion of the life force will come to assimilate all life into the collpased foodchain of desperation, hate and greed that humans twisted into an entity called an economy of trade.

The engineers in their convoluted wisdom built the Hyper Gantry Gaitha, a vast hyper engineered lattice about a star with a singulaity core. Creating any state of matter or energy this Type II civilization has built sanctuary for the various races seeking expansion or respite from cataclysm. To the dismay and disdain of the Cosmic Collective they saw fit to include Midgardians.

With the hope that beings born in and of the dark can ever turn to the light they allow humanity a chance to exorcise the thousands of years of sickness upon them. To join the Cosmic Collective but it will require an individual whose only drive is to defile all royalty and behead the very last charlatan proclaimed a leader above men and maiden.

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Slayer of Kings, Defiler of Royalty.

Born in tthe midst of a terrible storm it was fabled that his birth was marked by the homestead struck by an ominous lightning that came from beyiond the bounds of the storm.


The first to be sent into the village and often the last out. He had felled man, maiden and children without thought in honour of the Earl's wishes. Hands red with the blood of the outlands, and almost empty for the riches he so ruthlessly procured. Fattening the kings power his efforts were but a duty. A duty he came to shirk as he and his family were left to starve.

After he felled the king and his guard, exile would drive Einnar, his only progeny Einnarson and beloved Yrsa from land to land offering their skills. Ever a battle asset his unmatched brutality as Berserker laid waste to all who stood against the army to which he was assigned.

And the narrative would repeart until a string of dead kings and leveled guards marked the trail he would eventually track across all of Midgard.

A trail that would drive him and his family to a journey of ruin as word and hatred spread uniting kings and royalty in their want to take down this threat upon their kind. From genocidal christian charlatans pillaging their way slowly north to the exploits of byzantine tyrants and caliphates of the east. The expansion of his own people to the west. From vagabonds in the wild to soldiers tallying the tax and grifters in the streets of great cities, he slaughtered all who crossed him and dispensed anguish unto the folk.

Despite his barbaric and tribal lifestyle Einnar saw past the narrattive of a false god used to convince all of man that he was to dote evermore to the feet of his oppressors. As such he was sought out. His Yrsa stood by his side until the end, she would raped and murdered before him for this alegiance. Later his son killed by a mysterious figure ffar to the east.

And thus, by the time Einnar was finally wisked away by the lights of a star sailing vessel, he was a broken man bereft of love filled only with a feral rage that had wiped out and slowed the spread of these empires of slavery. He had nothing left to lose, clad in but rags brandishing his self forged axe.

The Cosmic Collective bring him to the future, Earth relative year 2294. Not by any request of humanity the Collective had in fact forced the Humans involved to accept and assist with the retrieval. "This was never for you. Only to end your civilization in a way that exorcises you of your sickness and make tidyings with the sentient races surround you."

Indeed the future humanity is at it with their old ways. Billions starve and toil in the HyperCube while the royalty bask in the bright light of the Gantry Star upon carved out sections of the now uninhabitable Earth. Now a gouged out waste of ice somewhere out in the dark, Midgard is all but a depressing memory of a place that once had a sky.

The OX corp, chief doting entity unto the royal dynasty wages war upon the alien races, not to win, for in every battle thay are decimated, but only to generate hostility upon humanity. A hostility that has alien races attacking humans, perfect propaganda in forcing acceptance of the rule under the dynasty. The human leadership had never been weaker after they had requested the destruction of Earth for parts in the Gantry. But as they use this war and crush the common folk under abject povery, police state, slavery and war, their power increases cycle per cycle. A sickness of faith in tthe elite begins tto ail mankind once more.

Only the most feral hatred directed with the power of alien technology will smite them to ruin, once and for all.

Enter Einnar, the broken man with nothing but that rage, chased for decades by the same stock of filth would eventually sell Midgard itself, if to clutch onto their power over man and maiden.

It is not long before the woes of this sorcery beset realm before the Yotün (Engineers) of Muspellheim (The Dyson Hyper Gantry), and Eldritch creatures avast, seep in and renew his disdain for human leadership to new heights. And hence his journey of discovery and uniting of man with eldritch creatures leads a campaign of revenge and brutal undoing for the memory of all things that were lost.

Why the races of the cosmos are so averse to a system of trade, along with it's progenitor: cutthtoat survival.

It is no secret that every species has it's darker side. Elrax trigger war against the infection of alien beasts ravaging their world and will enter phases of oppressive leadership to force it through each cycle. Anron partake in vicious rituals of cannibalism to ballance out the energy of Gaitha, a powerful and volatile Axion.

Alteron warred for decades, perhaps centuiries in a bloody genocide to wipe out the race of Eron before them. (Eron almost collpased Ameisus though a very Earth like system of trade.)

Alcax lean toward bouts of rage in their planets dark cycle to counteract the influnce of diminished energy. Gamixh, in their invention and technology crippled their home world developing it.

Aerethron in their floarting cities above and within the vast storms of their giant gas world, will eat at their fresh offspring when the conditions for life are affected by updraughts of excess hydrogen from the layers below.

Scyrith in their three blood races have jostled for dominance on a world brought to turbulence by another leadership construct. Hoth have taken Mara's design to heart, forging societies in deliberate oppression, suffering and trial to pass their souls to a higher plane, to the slimmest hope.

So why is humanity such a threat? For humans lie halfway out of the dark, lying to themselves more than any other species. Convincing themselves that their civilization is the only way forth. To trade in resources means to be unable to reign in the provisions of one's home world, For to trade is to seed corruption, exacerbate unfairness, skew personal purpose, consume without conscience,

To reinact animalistic survival without sentient state.

The process of repetition for the sake of escaping oblivion unto the destruction of one's habitat, past instinct, past clarity, past logic.

Kronax would see Earth cleaved in two, it's destruction inserted at the dawn of life on the planet. But Mara's reach is too far, and any attack on Earth only reforges humanity's future to it's inevitable singularity: where their narrow technology and state of conscious - one with their Axion - becomes an entity of consumption that will blot out every star in the galaxy and beyond.

For this reason, he who stands at the heart of the Starscaler has the fate of the galaxy in hand. Mara, and thereby humanity's totality of existence, is outmatched by Vectron and the other races, but the way in which human civilisation is to be destroyed holds the key to humanity's, and the rest of the sentient species future.

The only human who might ever wield such power in the long term is an archaic man birthed to the crucible that forged humanities society of sufferance. A man unfamiliar with ttheir technology and perfectly suited to wield the esoteric power of the alien races hyper enggineered wonders.


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