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The Orders of Perception


The Perceptive Order Index attempts the observation of life from a solely conscious point of view. This means that technology; physicality, conscious attribute and the overall spread of abilities across the many iterations of reality are variables to the final result. Thus, all life forms from self-replicating molecules to the very Axion that seed life fall on this scale.

Hydrogen occurs as the basis element off which others are fused together.  Gravity is always present and increases by the square root of the distance between two bodies. In this vein, as too does sentience occur within the same bounds of perception of the Common Universe, the Universe projected in light.

Emotion is the underpinning connection between all cosmic sentience and every sentient being exists not only in the Common Universe but other projections of reality. Hence, they have a fifth dimensional structure that we often refer to as a soul. The soul's existence is based on an informational point within the parallax of realities that can absorb and channel energy in the form of spirit force. The manifestation of the soul in the Common Universe is via mass arranged into a biological entity that must metabolise physical properties in order to resist the path of entropy within this reality projection.


Because sentience like gravity, light and time seem to permeate the entire Common Universe as too does sentience have a congruent manifestation of feeling, communicating and creating emotion. Hence beings from lightyears distance between can understand the same concepts and thoughts. Due the varying conditions that life can evolve the forms and biological functions of each race can vary significantly. By extension their biology, prevailing environment and reaction to other life forms on their respective worlds will also vary considerably. 

All sentient lifeforms seem to have a predisposition toward free thought and freedom of activity in that emotions and random events spur them to action. If an individual is prevented or restrained against this disposition, they incur physical, mental and spiritual damage. Hence the concept of freedom is a recurring theme among all worlds.

With each species seen as the result of extra dimensional entities the Perceptive Order seeks to ascertain how complete an individual or people are in the twelve-scale geometry. The 1st and 12th orders appear to fold back as an Axion in all its complexity seeds life from the basic structures of amino acids, silicon, carbon and other molecules that are sequenced into self-replicating structures. This moment of conception is the beginning of the Order ascension, where one that achieves the 12th order manifests again as the 1st. For the race is its Axion as the Axion is its race.


The 12 orders in brief run as such.


1st: Self-replicating molecular structures that demonstrate processes which run against the flow of entropic decay.


2nd: Cellular, string organisms, and layer components either singular or in complex coalesced organisms that can react to an environmental stimulus.


3rd: Complex organic, energetic coalescence or silicate structures that can generate memory and pattern recognition over and above chemical reaction. Certain plants, instinct driven beings such as animals, and human trade civilization for example fall under this level. This level also marks the first acts of technology or ability to manipulate one's environment.


4th: A being that can react to stimuli beyond its established projection of reality using advanced pattern recognition and focused imagination. Hothral, and humanities drive of development and scientific inquisition comes from this influence. Certain species at this level gain the ability to move cognitive logical rigour to peripheral processes or even biological systems able to process complex mathematical and imaginative thought processes without the need of holding it in direct consciousness or requiring technological aid to perform these tasks.

This change marks the difference between percieved raw intelligence and true perceptive ability. Certain species whose evolution is too degraded to attain this pivotal advancement may defer to the invention of an artificial intelligence to compensate and often render themselves obsolete as a species. The Eron, Hothral and Humanity were unfortunate enough to make this inversion of invention, a false progress that in some cases wiped out much of the species.


5th: The ability to observe, without technological assistance, pattern and react to the adjacent iteration of reality, the ethereal universe.


6th: To affect and manipulate within the ethereal universe and cause transmittable affects to the common universe, the informational energy is channelled by the individual’s biology, spirit and mind but a technological interface is often needed to convert this to energy.


7th: To channel energy across the two universes without technological assistance. This marks the perceived clairvoyant powers of some races. Here technology becomes only an amplifier of established mental, physical, and spirit force attributes.


8th: An ability to react to forces within the plane infinite. This plane is the yet undefined further projection or projections of universal information beyond the ethereal universe. Such an individual has a mastery of forces within the ethereal universe and can affect spatial and temporal events. With technology as an amplifier such a person can rewrite the history of entire worlds.

9th: Pattern construction and initial manipulations within the plane infinite. An as yet undefined level beyond all but the Axion, an observation technique to see this plane directly from the common universe is still to be developed. Such an individual could replicate or create an entirely new technology without aid, they can also disrupt entire planets without aid as well. The Engineers of the Hyper Gantry are said to have a rudimentary command at this order of perception.

10th: The presumed power to exist within multiple realities able to affect galactic scale events in the common universe.

11th: To affect super clusters of the common universe with a near absolute mastery of information. Such an entity is theorised to have the command over spacetime.

12th: The absolute assimilation of information to generate new material interactions within the common universe. To create anything and everything.

No being that one can interact with in this reality save the Axion has been measured beyond the 8th perceptive order. One called Akaron was said to have ascended to the 12th via his assimilation with Vectron but no confirming evidence can prove it.

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