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Note to viewers: video contains flashing imagery

The vengegeful pursuit after his nemesis leads a barbarian warrior on adventure unto a strange realm of floating castles and an ominous sorcery, that folk who there dwell, have called technology.

The film was completed to script in September 2023 but has gone back into production as the tale has evolved and as such demands a clearer aspect, particularly on Einnar the Barbarian Defiler of Royalty. The complex scenes such as the space battle sequence, and all scenes thus far with Jake Wiest's amazing performance shine for themselves and deserve a more complete peripheral story to stand aside. One of my main gripes with the first rendition was the lack of human interaction between the barbarian and the new future world ....which is virtually the reason we want to watch such a film. He shone in action sequences but Einnar also needs calmer and thoughtful interactions to get a real aspect on himself as a person through the way he deals with technology.

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