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The Alpha Parallax Theorem


Around nine tenths of the Universe is undetectable to human perception. Within this dark mass and energy lies the adajcent projections of reality that create the Total Universe.

The Ethereal Universe; first discovered by the ancients of Ackrecon, it is a place where light is no longer the information carrier. The Ethereal Universe constitutes another third of the unaccounted for existential volume of the Universe. The remainder lies in a further projection called the Plane Infinite, here any number of universal iterations might exist.


The Ethereal Universe sees time and space 'collapsed' into an informational arena that is used the Axion and certain races in channeling energy from one point and form to another in the Common Universe. These two projections are one and the same only projected differently. The same master or alpha reality in a parallax of different projections.


Cabal-arcan technology is one such means to channel this power. The Ethereal Universe cannot be seen or interacted with in physicality but can be used to unhinge one’s existence from the fabric of spacetime allowing for interstellar and time travel. Starscalers such as Vectron zero out their mass and energy to raw information and transition themsleves to substrate (Ethereal Energy) and so to say; 'side step' the relativistic barrier at light speed.

Time and Hyperlight travel will cause discharge events in the Common Universe, a natural equilibrium that accounts for the past events that suddenly appear or dissapear as Vectron 'Teleports' mass, energy and information from one place to another. This instant shift of existential attribute results in an anihiliation of information as the Universe ballances out rewriting reality. 

A traveller can still remember a potentially anihilated past becuase the soul is an extra dimensional structure that is projected beyond the Common Universe and is not bound to linear time. Psychic power, sentient thought and emotion are all traits of this extra physical trait in all life.

Various life forms can perceive beyond light and as such are able to wield ethereal energy in different ways depending on their evolution of body, mind spirit and Axion. Some races are unable to perceive beyond their given physicality and as such are unable to channel ethereal energy and must convert given energy sources with technological assistance.

The potency of a race’s raw ethereal potential and then their ability to perceive beyond that to the plane infinite is determined by the Orders of Perception.

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