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As part of my attempts to visualise the AP Universe I've explored a range of themes, from expressing the aversion toward an absurd modern world to short story visualizations and lanscapes lighyears from us.


Having started drawing in 2017 with "Axion Ethereal Mara" I have developed my drawing skills and adapted my art thereof to be of use as elements in VFX scenes. With "Dyson Array at Anron" I moved from doodle concepts to digital stills and recently into animation with "AP177" to create unique style between pencil/pen drawing and digital rendering.

The Pictures gallery charts my artwork from the later 4K and 6K digital images to earlier rough concepts. Altogether my work seeks to be 100% original employing no stock footage or media of any sort. Because I have not given up on myself as a human being, you'll find no trace of AI in my art.

Progression from Paper to Digital Art.

The Arena of Creation is a place where the Alteron practice their mastery of Cabal-arcan technology. Their ability to hyper engineer great structures is only a recent development in this brash races history.

This image was modified from one of the older drawings I made that was not originally intended for digital enhancement and coloring.

The final image still retains a high resolution having been photographed in 5K.

This progression shows the realization of a concept I had back in high school and sees my drawing skills taken to a 70X50 cm page, and although it is by no means a sprawl, at the level of small detail I use in my drawings I was able to create a 6K resolution image. The Animation therafter rendered in 4K combines tradtitional pencil drawing, digital coloring, 3D modeling and compositing.

AP177 is a central place in the AP universe where many races coexist. A statement of hyper engineering.

The Habitation Level at Anron was drawn on an A3 paper and converted to 4K resolution. In this project I used simple 2D effects to create clouds and atmosphere around the landscape wrapped upon a helix. Some aspects of the original drawing were sepparated into layers and moved to different positions to attain a better digital aesthetic such as the sun barrier.

The Habitation level would be a home to the race of Anron who despite their violent rituals champion next level hyper engineering

One of my first visualizations of an action scene in the book, Mara Upon Ackrecon sees an original artwork on 70X50 cm paper converted to 6K and digitaly enhanced with effects. The use of particle generators work subtly to add more action with added elements also drawn such as the lightning and sacred geometry projections between Vectron and Mara as they begin the duel of material reformation.

A battle of godlike powers.

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