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The Author


Born to the epic landscapes in Southern Africa, grown on a steady diet of trance, rock and film score music, and faced with the dystopian outlook of a life spent working for bills, Garon made his place in the creation of fantasy.
Having taught English, been a personal trainer, worked in a museum, hefted on a construction site, produced short films, edited promo videos, and started over more times than he can count, nothing is static with Garon.

Having completed an Honours Degree in Motion Picture Medium, he has applied his skills in screenwriting, concept art development and CGI animation to rising the space opera: Alpha Parallax. Forged from early high school days, the concept has evolved into a planet shattering tale that kicks humanity right in their rotten civilisation as the races of the cosmos have it out with each other.
After more than a decade of development AP is ready.

With the first part (AP I -The Starscaler Vectron), one of a possible seven to come, he has begun the second instalment (AP II - The Star Gantry Gaitha), as the first enters its editorial process. To help clarify the complex world, theory and devices, he continues the long process of making visual examples to the high concepts thereof.

The brutal, savage story blasts at light speed and more, through the colour of the cosmos and by the constructs beyond....and says: "Get in loser, we're off to an adventure!"


Starscaler's BallGaron Lehmann
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