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To bring the Alpha Parallax universe to life through DRAKKAR I've exapnded my skillset in producing and organization, screenwriting, directing, acting, costume design, axe engraving, VFX, digital environments, Cinema 4D general, animation, particle and physics simulation, sound design, foley recording, voice acting, music creation and editng with a basic file system and pipeline, Hence every part of the sortfilm outside being filmed by my awesome dad, and performances from others...I made the film from scratch from every design element, 3D asset, concept, event and artwork. You'll find not a single example of AI generated anything on this site. I happen to have a brain and need no simulated neural robot to do the thinking and creating for me in the dystopian war on human creativty we find ourselves in courtesy of tech bros laying waste to all they can for profits..

Undoubtedly one of the most fun aspects of DRAKKAR is bringing Einnar to life: the Slayer of Kings and Defiler of Royalty. Able to emulate a passable Viking berserker I knew It was up to me to bring the AP universe to life in a more cinematic way. I had finally found a character through which to tell the tale in an unexpectedly grounded way. Much stronger in character than a modern day or near future human. The perspective of a well travleed medieval warrior forces the story out of the perpetual science text book feel it had. Having made lengthy passages on theoretical physics and biology the norm it was a chore to read. Having to simplify it all for the medieval protagonist not only makes for engagement but is the ultimate way to show how human society is farce, only a pretence we believe is there just because there happens to be technology. The ruthless kings, torture and occult indoctrination only went from the churches and parchment on to smartphone screens and the interntet. The coin ravaged from the peasants pockets now an electronic transfer to an IRS.

Naturally there's plenty of myself in the character. A man who's abject disdain for the authoritarian cesspool that has defined our pseudo civilization for 10 000 years is intergal in destroying human society in the right way. A way that preserves sentient life in the cosmos and pushes back the entropic dark that degrades life force as the universe dies. To prepare for the character took learning how to wield an axe, visiting medieval festivals to source the right garb as well as a more focused training schedule and diet of eggs-trenedict.

The most complex part of the concept shortfilm was of course the CGI animation and rendering that took exhorbitant ammounts of time on this computers very medieval nonavailability of GPU rendering and only 8 GB of RAM. The compositing in after effects was tedious at times but all of it fun to do. Every texture, environment and spccecraft as well as type styles and motion graphics is my own work created from scratch. No stock images or footage anywhere.

And hence we begin the journey of the archaic warrior, gifted with the power of the very engineers built the Hyper Gantry, as his power overthrows the human authority despite their technological means. From decimating their floating fortresses and ravaging their so named police corps to rivers of red, he'll come to brutalise them in blood and guts. Within their metal palaces of glass and holographic projection the royal sickness plagued humanity for millenia will meet their end in the visceral and tribal means the barbarian has prescribed them.

And the Barbarian Time Traveller says unto thee: "Get on the flying chariot, you degenerate! Adventure awaits!"


Starscaler's BallGaron Lehmann
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