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Updated: Sep 15, 2018

I've seen Garon spend an enormous amount of time in a word processor just typing away endlessly. I had an idea that his work was mainly fantasy and philosophical. I think, Garon became serious about putting pen to paper somewhere in 2010. Over the years we have had many enjoyable discussions, some philosophical others about life and the way each of us perceive it. Garon certainly has a way of expressing his take on life in ways I have not thought about and these usually lead, yet, into more conversations. The conclusion of these conversations normally ended in two scenarios; 1, you are left in awe, wondering where and what you could do to contribute to this world, and, 2, you are left with a feeling of helplessness, i.e. there is nothing one person as an individual can do to change the state of affairs of the world in the way that they are.

I'm not a stark fan of Sci-Fi so what Garon does, in terms of developing his book was, until recently, off my personal radar. I'm more the down on the ground techie type who uses technology to augment our existence in the real world and that is an all-consuming task in its own.

My 25-year career background is IT and Garon completed his Honours degree in Film School in 2012. While living in London early 2017 Garon was writing away feverishly. I noticed this during one of our Skype calls, and I offered help by proof reading some of his material. It was at that time it became outwardly clear to me that our professional worlds are indeed well apart. I sent him my revisions for his consideration nevertheless. I do need to add, that feedback to my revisions is best described as "opposite ends of a spectrum", save punctuation and some sentence structure here and there.

Garon moved in with us here in Berlin in June 2017. It was then that I noticed the great amount of time he spends writing, where, subsequently, and, the natural question of, "when will this work see its completion "surfaced? Suffice to say, like many authors I guess, it takes as long as it takes, came the answer.

Being the assumption-based problem solver that I am, I proposed the idea of an accompanying website for his book to intrigue and lure the attention of potential readers to the worlds and characters as described in his novel. To my surprise he met this idea with positive affirmations, which immediately inspired me to start this web site for him.

My thinking here, that, unless you have the next big blockbuster recipe, seeing this manuscript through the process getting a published book using the normal channels may be a challenging path. You may have noticed I have little experience in books and the publishing thereof. Needless to say, this is a dad wanting to help his son with his project.

These days, with the option of self marketing with on-line tools such as offered by Google and Wix to the greater "everyone" I'm contemplating, why not use method then to market Garon's story.

That's the reason for this blog. Here I invite you to add your 10 cents worth by posting comments and critique thereby gaining interaction and followers for the upcoming saga.

The graphic work in this post are some of the visualisations Garon has brought to life. Pardon the pun, related to the book, but if these are anything to go by, the book should be awe inspiring, I'm looking forward to the end result!

By the way, I still have not had the privilege to read the full ongoing manuscript. But what I've read thus far contains good action, meaningful character interaction and food for thought in many philosophical respects.

Ralph Lehmann

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