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The Starscaler Vectron

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The Alpha Parallax Universe was going to be a series of books for the longest time. After 4 rewrites and 1 million typed words it was finally discovered this universe would need a visual spectacle if it stood any chance of being understood.

Enter DRAKKAR: The Barbarian Time Traveller. What business does a barbarian warrior from the days of yore have in a great space opera? Everything it turns out.

After the characters in the book rendition of Alpha Parallax proved weak and reactive the Barbarian Einnar from the 9th century AD is exactly what is needed to exorcise mankind from their vice of leadership construct in the year 2294.

Set en route and upon the Hyper Gantry Gaitha, this Viking warrior: slayer of kings and defiler royal blood lines, must come to terms with the type II civillization who chose him to turn the fate of the sickly human race around.

From the flying chariots, inverted castles and vast helical realms built before the gates of Muspellheim, Einnar will have to defeat the royal lines that oppress humans and eldritch creatures alike, but will he lose himself, and reminiscent of the wrathful fires of Surtr will his power overwhelm him to bring forth the end of humanity before the Collective? The ultimate test for a warrior of face himself and his dark past in the Vectored Gravitation of Cosmic Civilization.

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