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The Starscaler Vectron

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The Twenty-Fifth World burned Bridgeway, it was thought lost to the abyss whence it came after the portal network was sealed by the maniacal Kronax. In the cosmic species blindness the shadow has since risen with renewed power; not distance, nor time will give sanctuary to anyone.


Eating worlds, erasing civilizations; ten billion souls on a dying world have no inkling to the havoc their creator wreaks on the cosmos at large. The Axion Ethereal Mara, creator and manifest of humanity, seeks to wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy with an insatiable wanton undoing.

Ronan is one of many that is swept up into the confluence of life-force when London is obliterated in Mara's first capacitance to her ultimate campaign of war. Warriors, technicians, psychics, mages and great overlords from across the galaxy will converge to decide the fate of the cosmos, to reality warping results.

The only device to stop Mara is the Starscaler Vectron, a convoluted multiform construct that traverses space and time. A city, a star vessel, a weapon; its temperament will accept one who can see beyond light and pain, and all that have tried to command Vectron have died in their failure. Until the right conductor is found the fate of the universe lies out of balance.

From imploding worlds, hostile environments and the live engineered hyperstructures of cosmic civilisation, Enter Alpha Parallax..

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