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A  Journey into Perception

The Axion is its race, as the race is its Axion: The nature of the one is that of the other, these multi existential beings can seed multiple races but a single race will have but one.

Life has this extension embedded into every cell of synthesis. An Axion of creation drives a life force of sentient ascension, a race of consumption will be driven as such by an Axion of destruction.

The world we know of, in all its self-induced anguish, is of only a handful in the cosmos where life's cruelty has built a society of enslaved oppression. Such things would be immaterial if our spiritual footprint were as one dimensional as our human perception. Alas, for the cosmic family, the effects of humanity and similar races extend far beyond our spacetime position and come to threaten all of sentience.

The Axion Ethereal Mara: manifestation of the net result of humanity long before and ahead of its timeline sweeps the cosmos reforming life into self-destructive systems that leave planets desolate and dull.

After Mara's consuption of the Alcax home world,their once vibrant histories erased, their life force left without a world the cosmic family seeks to stand against Mara. Driven by destruction, decay and death this Axion welcomes hatred and retaliation. Any weapon is an equal and opposite attack upon one’s self when in the duel with Mara. To destroy her source species of power would only level her to her most potent level.

Vectron is most powerful object ever conceived, so much so that the Alteron engineers and Cabalan smiths who forged it know not of and dare not test its limits. Able to create fissures in time and breaking reality this multiform construct is embedded with a sentient entity of infinite wisdom, it has the power to cross a galaxy in three earth weeks, terraform worlds, and overpower the creators of life.

After Mara bates the ship to  earth it bears witness to her disturbing power. Stricken with emotional trauma the Conductor of Vectron, Trahl must now tussle with the ever-increasing direction of the collective conscious aboard to end planet Earth and inso doing lift the dark Axion to a new terror. Four humans are swept aboard the ship in the Earth interaction. Ronan the broke 37-year-old, Aziz the politician fighting for profits, Colton the celebrity athlete and Ava the ruthless leader of a drug and digital escapist cult. These four, let alone having to find a way to stop their creator, will need to find a way to work together. If their race is to preserve its future, present and past from being obliterated by the cosmic family they will have to journey further into space and deeper into themselves making extra-terrestrial allies along the way.

All assumptions halted, all societal constructs stripped away, all blinkers removed; Enter Alpha Parallax.

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